On Doom Fort

Late one night, as the sun set low
Amidst misty fog, in the moon’s blue glow
A man stepped forth with a wild grin
His donkey-shaped mind spinning thoughts of win

He broke the ground with a silver spade
And into its guts, a stone he laid
The first of a slew to be stacked miles high
A sinister edifice scraping the sky

Out of the shadows to stand by his side
Emerged a lady, she too grinning wide
Striking a match to light the man’s way
And into the night, more bricks they did lay

For hours and hours they toiled without rest
Their wit and their awesomeness put to the test
At last, as the day broke, their figures did loom
“Welcome, friends, to our fort of doom.”

On Doom Fort’s Creators

The Donkey-Headed Adversary is a mad artist that loves death metal, door knockers and dirigibles. He wails on guitars while riding dragons with robot strippers, and likes long walks on Mars.

Leez3r is a crazy coder who loves awkward expressions and finding $20. She fights zombies with a laser drum set, commands an army of raptors, and eats the souls of the damned for breakfast.

What is Doom Fort?

Fucking rad.

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