These things are really common… but I mean… sexy cat girls?  Of course they’re common.  The cool thing about this one is the song, so you don’t even need to watch the video (if you hate sexy cat girls). I still need to get a hold of this anime and watch it. 4 SRS.
Me-yow. :3

Here’s (a younger) Mike Wazowski from the upcoming Pixar movie Monsters University.  His shape is so conveniently convenient that Disney decided to just stick ‘im up on the ol’ Epcot ball (which I can now say I’ve seen in person).  I guess you had to be standing in the right spot to see this rape face.
epcot_mikeEY!  That’s not a rape face, that’s just his retainer.  RETAINER WEARERS UNITE!  Anyway, lots of party-related stuff is slated to happen at the Disney parks in the next couple months.  Party on, college monsters… party on!

Just ignore the fact that she can’t say “nyan” correctly…

WTF did I just watch?

April 22, 2013

The latest 30 Seconds to Mars video is up there with Lady Gaga in terms of its striking, yet randomly weird visuals. The only thing I wish they didn’t do was take all these breaks in the middle of the song… and then use the last 2 minutes of the video for credits.
Another example of how a high speed camera makes everything look cool. As for the song? Meh, kind of generic (but that’s just me).

They Were Wrong

February 21, 2013

This one goes out to everyone who had trouble fitting in at school (I know I went through some of that). A very cool collaboration of artistic media (she says, trying to sound like she knows wtf she’s talking about).
/wipes away a tear. Well if THAT wasn’t inspirational, then I’m not sure what is. :<


If you’re going to go get a tat on the chest, why not bring a friend? Don’t have any friends? Bring the cat!Can’t decide if doing something like this is right or wrong. At least it’s cruel until the cat’s skin heals; after that I don’t think she’d give a fuck meow. Look at that face; not a single meow was given that day!

The Not strong mark series by Oleg Tarasov seeks to further humiliate Comic Sans and anyone who wants to use it by showing us all how bad famous logos would look if they utilized this crap factory font.

God bless you, you crazy Russian bastard.





Or should I say cup of terror.
And pee, because I just wet myself.

In celebration of the birth of the man who pretty much invented the “tentacled horror from beyond the stars” genre, here’s a giant batch of killer Lovecraft fan art to drag you kicking and screaming through the insanity of your Monday afternoon.

Don’t say I never gave you anything.

Mountains of Madness: Attack by MarcSimonetti

ReAnimator by el-roacho

At the Mountains of Madness by takeru-san

Cthulhu by SharksDen

Nyarlathotep by erkanerturk

Dagon by Michael Bukowski