Hooray for Pogo mixes!  Now to trudge through the rest of the week…

From the makers of that Falcon Punch video, comes this little diddy… which reminds me of how I used to become overly attached to all of my Oregon Trail characters (pro tip: never name expendable things after your favorite stuffed animals). The only difference is that the Oregon Trail NPCs would just die… and never like… help you beat the shit out of… deer and stuff. AND BEARS.
BEARS! http://bit.ly/13zJ6J1


Unless your friend can pull off the Kirby voice…

Tony Starkmunk

No IT’S NOT SHORT FOR “RETARDED” (although the damn thing sure has trouble walking straight). Tardar Sauce is his name and grumpy kitteh faces are his game.

He’s my first pick for the lead role in my upcoming film, “Grumpy Old Cats”.  Still waiting on the funding for that…

Our weird Taiwanese CG animation friends at Next Media Animation TV are back, describing to us in full detail Cathay Pacific’s Business Class, and their propensity for allowing their passengers to fap with impunity.

Apparently, reclining seats, special mirrors to see when the sexy, sexy flight attendants (who ignore this kind of behavior anyhow) are coming, and plenty of clean up materials allow their passengers the highest class of bishop buffing available on airlines today.

And Next Media Animation TV tells it like no one else can.

O hai, I heard you like Gotye

September 15, 2012

Or hate Gotye.  Doesn’t matter.  You know that “Somebody that I used to know” song that’s always playing on the radio?  Maybe you don’t; maybe you live under a rock.  Point is: this is one cover that.. has a certain charm to it.  Check it!


August 16, 2012

How much, you ask? Enough to want to participate in THIS.
They’re all so horrifying adorable in their spandex cat-suits!