Your kitteh is leeking

January 24, 2013


Remember the first time you had a Warhead? And the ultimate sour candy bit into and puckered your mouth up like a dog’s ass? Well, now you can relive that feeling again and again in a supercut of “Kids eating Warheads for the first time.”

Check it.

No IT’S NOT SHORT FOR “RETARDED” (although the damn thing sure has trouble walking straight). Tardar Sauce is his name and grumpy kitteh faces are his game.

He’s my first pick for the lead role in my upcoming film, “Grumpy Old Cats”. ┬áStill waiting on the funding for that…

Did you make sure to vacuum up after the cat this morning on your way out the door? I hope you did…
Otherwise they’ll be hair to pay when you get home later tonight…