Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley, that verbose girl from True Grit, and some seriously awesome effects? It looks like they’ve finally got the acting chops and know-how to bring a truly amazing adaptation of the first part of Orson Scott Card’s Ender series to striking life.

And I am pants-wettingly excited.

Check it!

Watch this fucking shit NOW!


Here’s (a younger) Mike Wazowski from the upcoming Pixar movie Monsters University.  His shape is so conveniently convenient that Disney decided to just stick ‘im up on the ol’ Epcot ball (which I can now say I’ve seen in person).  I guess you had to be standing in the right spot to see this rape face.
epcot_mikeEY!  That’s not a rape face, that’s just his retainer.  RETAINER WEARERS UNITE!  Anyway, lots of party-related stuff is slated to happen at the Disney parks in the next couple months.  Party on, college monsters… party on!


So, after all the hype I’ve been hearing building up about The Wolverine; the prospect of it finally being an R rated Wolverine film, the inclusion of the Silver Samurai, the Japan story arc… I’ve been getting really stoked. Really. Stoked.

Then this happened. We got our first poster and trailer for The Wolverine, and they’re… underwhelming. At best. The poster is amateur at best, and the trailer leaves a lot to be desired.

I dunno. Maybe I’m just spoiled by the awesome Iron Man 3 and Pacific Rim stuff we’ve seen lately. Check it for yourself.

Come on, bub. Give us something worth drooling over.


Greg Grundberg (whose name would make the best euphemism for taking a shit) presents an incredible clip from the upcoming super awesome giant monster flick Big Ass Spider, in which a group of scientists and an exterminator race against time to stop, well… a Big Ass Spider.

Check it!

Though it could use a hyphen to let us know if this is a Big-Ass Spider or a Big Ass-Spider, it looks like a nicely schlocky horror flick that’ll totally make for an excellent Saturday night.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go take a Grunberg.

No explanation needed. Check it.


After all the depressing trailers and TV spots lately of Benedict Cumberbatch blowing things up, Kirk and company being mercilessly scolded and reprimanded and everyone’s loved ones screaming and dying, it seems Abrams and company have decided to drag us out of our depression hole by busting out some of the witty Enterprise crew banter that we all know and love.

Trek it out:

Sure, it looks like it tries to feebly glean lame jokes and memes from the internet. The very premise behind its title crawls on the back of Snakes On A Plane. Sure, some of the effects are cheesy, and the acting is bad, and the jokes are bad.

But you know what?

This STILL looks fucking awesome. This is the Dragon Wars of Giant Spider movies. Check it.

Why yes, that is a big ass spider.

Okay, so let me get this straight. A female SpacePrison found the entropy and dared to crash in a place who became a legend. Empire of the Apes.

I… what?

Finally, after it was supposed to be released, then delayed, then forgotten to all but legend, it’s finally here! The big, badass, Warhammer 40K Ultramarines movie, complete with a fresh trailer and a new release date – sawing through shelves on March 5th. That’s right, this year. Motherfuckers!

Check it, in the name of the Emperor!