Token fat zombie aside, this shit looks like some brutal awesomeness on an epic scale.

Or at least a full-length web series.

And they need The Protomen to do the soundtrack.

Lollipop Chainsaw and sexy professional Cosplayer extraordinaire Jessica Nigri bring Juliet to life in this brief and hilarious commercial detailing some of the minor sanitary trials and tribulations of a life of zombie hunting.

Far Cry 3 looks awesome!

March 21, 2012

So get this, this is a totally new idea for a game. Never been done before. You’re a person of interest with surprising military aptitude who has been stranded in a foreign country all alone to fend for himself. While fighting to stay alive, you manage to run into a variety of revolutionaries, militants, and all around bad folks.

Okay, so it’s pretty much just another Far Cry game. Only this time, you’re totally a fucking BRO.

Look at this guy. He has douche written all over him. Ah well. If it’s half as awesome as the two previous Far Cry games, I’m not worried. It looks like there might be a hint of some sort of creepy psychadelic voodoo shit going on that’ll drive the interest a little more than the “strife in Africa” storyline of Far Cry 2.

The newest gameplay trailer gives us a nice hint of things to come as well, including a nice old drug dealer who looks like a cross between the G-Man from Half-Life  and Kane from Poltergeist 2 hooking you up with some super trippy shit..


So, apparently there’s a new Sim City on the way and slated for a 2013 release. And this trailer makes it look pretty fucking rad. I can’t wait to build a vast and varied city and eventually unleash giant monsters, floods, earthquakes and fires upon the feeble citizens who have invoked my terrible wrath with their heathenry¬†launch into space. Yes. Space.

They also appear to be unveiling what looks like a dorable lil’ Mechagodzilla. A manufactured defense against monster attacks? Cool!

Anyhow, check it.

…Or like the whine of a gatling gun spinning up. I guess that’s manlier, right? Anyhow, Hawken! YEAH! Giant robots, things exploding, dystopian cities. This looks like my kind of game.

The new Mechwarrior Online 2012 Trailer Debutt is pretty fucking rad. And don’t get me wrong, it keeps the anticipation factor amped up a bit. But there’s still no gameplay to be seen. Just a man climbing ladders and getting into a big fucking robot.

Check it.

The rest is pretty much the same…