Hooray for Pogo mixes! ┬áNow to trudge through the rest of the week…


From the makers of that Falcon Punch video, comes this little diddy… which reminds me of how I used to become overly attached to all of my Oregon Trail characters (pro tip: never name expendable things after your favorite stuffed animals). The only difference is that the Oregon Trail NPCs would just die… and never like… help you beat the shit out of… deer and stuff. AND BEARS.
BEARS! http://bit.ly/13zJ6J1

Which one do I shoot?!?!

April 24, 2013

It’s a battle of the Ellens and it is hilarious.

OBSERVE! The BoobTracker!

April 23, 2013

Unless your friend can pull off the Kirby voice…

And by drake I mean… duck. Actually, DUCKS. The ones in this video.
dat shit quak

Oh, and here’s the real deal: