The Not strong mark series by Oleg Tarasov seeks to further humiliate Comic Sans and anyone who wants to use it by showing us all how bad famous logos would look if they utilized this crap factory font.

God bless you, you crazy Russian bastard.





Or should I say cup of terror.
And pee, because I just wet myself.

Man of science. Scourge of nescience.

What an asshole! What’s that? you haven’t seen the first one? Well what the fuck is wrong with you? Watch this shit.

Our weird Taiwanese CG animation friends at Next Media Animation TV are back, describing to us in full detail Cathay Pacific’s Business Class, and their propensity for allowing their passengers to fap with impunity.

Apparently, reclining seats, special mirrors to see when the sexy, sexy flight attendants (who ignore this kind of behavior anyhow) are coming, and plenty of clean up materials allow their passengers the highest class of bishop buffing available on airlines today.

And Next Media Animation TV tells it like no one else can.


August 16, 2012

How much, you ask? Enough to want to participate in THIS.
They’re all so horrifying adorable in their spandex cat-suits!

In hindsight, best not show this to the chillens.

Unless they’re Japanese; this is nothing to them.

Yeeees, Aberforth?

July 12, 2012

Goodies you dig up on a Thursday morning.
lol these guys